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Series 7 Specialists
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This site provides information about FINRA license test preparation.  Included in the list are Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66 and Series 24.  Relevant search terms might include exam, test, examination, help, classes, FINRA, tutor, trainer, contract trainer, on-demand trainer, tutoring, Dan Marrs, Series 7 Specialists, prep, preparation, teaching, learning, questions, testing.  Series 7 Specialists also provides software implementation training and change management services on a contract basis for new rollouts, upgrades and introductions of software programs, including CRM, financial services trading platforms, Oracle Siebel, bank, educational, proprietary, COTS, bespoke and customized programs in industries including health care, hospitality, medical, scientific, engineering, telecom, banking, loans, call centers, debt, mortgage, bond, stock, securities, lending, commercial, consumer, real estate, loan administration.  Contract 1099, project and W-2 employee relationships are acceptable.  Up to 100% travel is accepted. 

Series 63 Class - Link to Module 4        Appx 40 minutes
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 3        Appx 30 minutes
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 2        Appx 45 minutes
Download the Series 63 class outline here
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 7        Appx 25 minutes
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 6        Appx 35 minutes
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 5        Appx 45 minutes
Series 6 class modules are in production and will be on a separate page.  Please bookmark this page and check back often.
Series 63 Class - Link to Module 1        Appx 45 minutes
Series 65/66 Video Links
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Series 6 Video Links
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